Welcome to Martinis & BBQ

Why “Martinis & BBQ?” Well, because “Coffee & Tacos” was taken. Okay, that, but also because it’s pretty representative of my family and the food that I share with my partner, Mike, and daughter Ems (minus the martinis because she’s 13 – she loves mocktails, though!).

I’ve always loved food. In fact, I believe that in a previous life I was actually a cook. So why not start a blog about it?

Food Blog for recipes and reviews

I’ve been blogging for ages and yes, I remember when blogs were a new thing. I’ve read Julie & Julia and I know all too well that I’m sending my blogs out into the Internet Universe with tons of other established blogs out there. And I’m OK with this!

How is “Martinis & BBQ” different?

Well, first of all, I’m can be pretty damn funny. I’m unashamed to share mishaps, mistakes, and (without the gory details) medical mishaps a.k.a. getting food poisoning from questionable food while traveling. I’m going to share my favorite kitchen experiments and recipes – we tend to eat pretty low-carb and as gluten-free as possible around my house because we all just feel better when we do.

I’m also going to be sharing my reviews of meals I’ve had – basically the best of the best type of food posts. For instance, you’ll find posts about the best food in Denver, Key West, San Antonio, Dallas, and more. Hey, if I can help you plan where to eat brunch while traveling, I’m happy!

I’ll also share some stories here from my real life. Everything will be food-ish related, but lots of fun!

Want to know more about me? Head over to MeganWinkler.com.

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