This Cheese Tastes Just Like Caramel

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I updated things around here. Luckily if you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve seen lots of delicious goodies.

Last month, the fam and I went up to Tulsa, Oklahoma, to visit my bestie. Now I know what you’re thinking: Tulsa isn’t exactly a hotbed for culinary masterpieces. You’d be wrong as I was, my friend!

We stepped into the Bull in the Alley without a reservation – whoops! But then ended up at The Tavern where we asked our lovely server to help us with our charcuterie selections. She literally, I kid you not, started singing!

Everyone looked to me and then I looked to her and told her to just create a board for us. I gave her free rein and I’m SO GLAD I did. Because on said board was this gem:

See that little stack of unassuming brown caramel looking cubes? That’s Gjetost and the most incredible cheese I’ve ever tasted. Not because it’s the best tasting cheese ever, but because it tastes like caramel!

It’s pronounced “yay-toast” but it makes me want to say “Yay, taste!” Gjetost is also known as ski cheese – its thick texture and caramel flavor is satisfying.

That flavor is created via a slow process of heating whey, milk, and cream for hours, until it literally caramelizes.

At The Tavern, they serve it with house-made apple butter, and holy moly! It was a dessert before dinner for sure.

If you try it (or already count it among your favorites) let me know in the comments! Let’s share the cheesy love. 😉

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