Going to Disney Springs? Stop by The Edison!

The Edison at Disney Springs

This Spring Break, my daughter and I headed to Disney World for our first ever girls’ trip. More of these will be happening in the future, I guarantee! We stayed at one of the many Hilton hotels right across the street from Disney Springs, so we walked over there a couple of times for dinner and shopping. On our last night in town, though, we had reservations at The Edison and we fell in love.

Stepping inside, you realize that it’s like stepping into a giant clock. In fact, at “street level” (there are a few stairs to climb) you’re actually at the top of the building. The hostess walks you down a central staircase in the steampunk-meets-speakeasy restaurant.

During the day and early evening hours, it’s 100% family-friendly. Thus, the 14-year-old was welcome. Our reservation was at 5:30 but it started filling up at around 6 pm so I definitely recommend making a reservation.

Be sure to check with the Disney World website if you plan to go in the evening. There are specific dress code and age requirements after a certain time. The short of it is no one under 21 can enter after 10 pm.

We started our evening with the Deviled Eggs served with crisp potatoes and sliced speck. The princess had a soda, but I indulged in a Bulleit Bourbon Old Fashioned.

Ems ordered the BBQ Sirloin Steak Tips with sauteed peppers, mushrooms, and onions over caviar rice. “Are you okay with the caviar rice?” the server asked. My ever-adventurous daughter replied, “Yep!” And she loved the entire dish – except the peppers.

I went for The Edison Burger and I swear to all the food gods, it was the best burger I’ve had in years. Signature beef blend of sirloin, short rib, and brisket, plus Cabot Cloth Bound Cheddar, crispy onions, smoked bacon, house-made pickles (to die for!), lettuce, tomato, special sauce, and delicious steak fries.

The Edison Burger

You can check out the whole dinner menu here. Even if you’re not spending time at the parks – I was blown away by how many corporate functions were going on there – swing into The Edison. You won’t be disappointed!

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