Everyone needs a creative outlet! Some of us just find that outlet in starting a food blog.

Hey! I’m Megan Winkler.

I’m a Pinterest and blogging expert, a mom, and I’ve got the munchies (not that kind of munchies). I love food. I always have and what better way to explore my love of all things culinary than here on my blog.

Megan Winkler, food blogger

Why Martinis & BBQ?

Well, “Coffee & Tacos” was taken. Ha!

Seriously, though, I love to go to fancy martini bars AND hole-in-the-wall barbecue joints…and everything in between. So that’s what you get here: the fancy pants stuff and the mom & pop stuff.

I also share recipes and kitchen misadventures with you. Most of the food that comes out of my kitchen is relatively low-carb and usually gluten-free. We just feel better when we eat this way. When we’re eating out or traveling, though, sometimes those ideals slip.

I’m stoked you’re on this blogging journey with me!

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